Dear all non-Danish speaking homo friends !

Are you looking for new friends for life ? Do you like to sing ? 
Then come and join us. Feel free to come and sing along with us a couple of times, before you decide whether Carmen Curlers is the right choir for you,
please see below for more info. 

Right now (January 2018), we are looking for new singers.
Will you be one of them ?

We sing every Thursday 7:15 pm in Luther Kirken (Rosenvængets Sogn), Randersgade 3, Østerbro. 

We will start rehearsals in 2018, Thursday Jan 25 @ 7:15 pm in Lutherkirken.

This spring will be fully packed with concerts and travel.
In May 2018, we will travel to the Various Voices Festival in Munich, Germany, and before summer holidays, we will have our summer concert. 

So buckle up !

It is a good idea to write to us on beforehand. Then we can tell you how to locate us and give you a few hints and tips. If we know that you are coming, we can also keep an eye out for you. 

Who are we ?

Carmen Curlers is a choir for lesbians and gays. We are situated in Copenhagen,
but you do not have to live in Copenhagen to take part in our choir. At the moment,
we are 25 homos of all ages. We sing a very mixed repertoire, so there is a bit of a taste for everyone.

We are multinational - Danish (of course), American, Dutch - and we have had Irish, Japanese, German, Greek and Icelandic representation, as well.

Our repertoire is a mixture of songs in Danish as well as foreign languages - English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Latin and now also Greenlandic.
But don't worry. We are not language freaks, and we will not expect you to have a flawless pronunciation. We just like to work with different cultural periods and regions, being a group of curious people !

Another thing you do not need to worry about is your ability to read notes and sheets. We are ambitious, but not all of us are fluent in reading notes. Therefore, most of our songs are recorded and/or created as music files that can be downloaded from dropbox for practicing. 

We are also a social choir. We often go out for a beer after rehearsals - and after concerts also dinner. In addition, we organize a weekend seminar every year, where we use the time to work with techniques and practice some of the songs in more depth. And we party and have fun !!!

We rehearse every Thursday 7:15 pm to 9:45 pm in Lutherkirken, Randersgade 3, Østerbro. You will find a selection of our repertoire in this youtube playlist - or you may even want to listen to some of our recordings here.

International contact

If you are considering to join us or if you have any questions whatsoever, please write to Nanja van Wesen using the email address below. You can also use the 'Mailform' on the menu to the left.


We hope to see you soon !

Big Hugs
Carmen Curlers